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Contact Person: 0096522611806
Address: Kuwait - Hawalli - Alothman st. Near al-kurd roundabout - Almasri complex
P.O. Box: 1705 HAWALLI 32018 KUWAIT
Telephone: 0096522647636 - 0096522647637
Mobile: 0096599034449
Fax: 0096522657075
Website: www.alnajahinstitute.com
The foundation of the AL-Najah Private Institute was in 1968, the Institute played a positive role in contributing and participating in the building of Kuwait society . The Institute teaches several disciplines mocked its (43) years of schooling of his abilities and productive educational experience and these disciplines include: - 1) Computer Science and Information Technology . 2) Executive Secretary . 3) research and consultancy studies. 4) Banking. 5) Interior Design. 6) hotel management . 7) booking and sale of airline tickets and air freight. 8) Languages (English - Arabic - German - French - Spanish - Italian). 9) legal studies . 10) Finance and Administration. 11) humanities. Objectives of the Institute: - 1) To provide a diverse mix of educational and training opportunities both in terms of disciplines or methods of education for students . 2) dissemination of knowledge and exchange of experiences within the State of Kuwait and abroad. 3) organize training programs and seminars. 4) provide assistance in the field of consultancy to resolve administrative problems. 5) holding seminars and conferences on education, training and manpower development.