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Adyan Foundation

Contact Person: Saria Francis
Address: Eighth Floor Majdalani building, Aalam street, Badaro Beirut, Lebanon
P.O. Box: P.O.Box: 13-5233
Telephone: 9611393211
Mobile: 9611393211
Fax: 9611393211
Website: www.adyanvillage.net
Adyan is a Lebanese foundation for interreligious studies and spiritual solidarity. It was founded on 6 August 2006 by members from Christian and Muslim denominations. Adyan is an independent organization that operates in Lebanon and abroad, regionally and internationally, through the implementation of different cultural, educational, social and spiritual programs. Besides the invaluable support of its members, Adyan benefits from the commitment of its four networks: volunteers, consultants, friends and honorary members. Adyan is registered in Lebanon as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO), under registration number 1103 by a ministerial decree dated 18 September 2008. Adyan works on cross-cultural education at university and school levels, social engagement through cross-communitarian actions and awareness raising through media production and cultural activities. Its work is structured into four departments: Cross-Cultural Studies Department School Education on Coexistence Department Media Production Department Solidarity Department