About us


Lebanese Association for Self Advocacy-LASA

Contact Person: Fadia Farah
Address: Toufic Tabarah Street, Toufic Tabarah Bldg, 6th floor Sanayeh, Beirut Lebanon
P.O. Box: N/A
Telephone: +961 1 340011
Mobile: +961 3 250982
Fax: +961 1 340011
Website: Under construction
LASA is working in collaboration with local, regional and international NGOs that believe in Inclusion on the implementation of the United Nations Convention for the right of the persons with disabilities UNCRPD, through the following aspects: • Provide information, training and support for persons with disability and their families so that their voices can be heard • Give a platform for persons with disability and their families, to fight for their rights • Increase awareness in the community of the UNCRPD and the rights of persons with disability • Create a forum to disseminate information about human rights • Improve advocacy skills for persons with disabilities and their families and create channels of communication at all levels of the local, regional and international spectrum