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Treasure Foundation for Empowering Human Resources

Contact Person: Dr. Nansi Elian
Address: Amman city - wasfi al- Tal St. Building no.118- Jordan
P.O. Box: 2793
Telephone: +96265602285
Mobile: +962796543469
Fax: N/A
Website: www.icast-tstc.com
Jordanian Organization established in Amman City since 2005, under registration Number: 207237- Ministry of Trading and Industry and related to the private sector's organizations.  this alliance had been existed as a cooperation effort between the International Centre for Advancement of Sciences & Technology (ICAST) and Treasure Est. for Human Resources Development & Scientific Consultations (TSTC) . The Alliance tries to take part in both globalization and revolution in information and communication technologies, because S&T development becoming not only the key elements of economic growth and industrial competitiveness, but also essential for improving the social development, the quality of life and global environment. NSA supports excellence and innovation in scientific and technological researches in Arab countries and also promoting the cooperation among scientists and scientific organizations for the seek of applying knowledge to the services of sustainable development in Arab countries. It depends on its globular activities such as training education and consultation and also on the generosity of those who believe in the value of science as a globular goal for developing the Arab countries. TSTC had created its name as a symbol for telling that the true treasure we own are the human resources we have and how we can develop them and give them the real opportunities toward improving our lives. We are continuing to operate with our objectives and mission for people in Arab Region in general, and Iraqi people (inside and abroad) in particular. We seek to encourage the developmental changes in scientific and technological current situations and find the real solutions and keys to overcome all challenges facing Arab societies, not only in scientific fields, but with focus on the human resources and capabilities of Arab people (among Women, Academics, Managers, Decision Makers, youth, employees in every vital field and those with special needs) who looking forward to have a better life.   Our Goals & Objectives •         Strengthens the relationships among the Arab Scientists in scientific and technological fields. • Upraise the efficiency and effectiveness of the Arab Scientists. • Participating in the development and improvement of science and technology revolution in Arab World. • Be updated with all science and technology advancements in the world. • Cooperation with the scientific and academic institutes and organizations in the Arab Countries to achieve our objectives. • Establishing strong professional bases for scientific and technological employees by participating in our training programs. • Provide the Human Resources with the knowledge, skills and trends which promote its performance. • Develop the professional practices of trainees in alignment with the latest professional developments in the field of training •  Expand professional cooperation relations with the international institutions concerned with training and human resources development. •  Seek to obtain international professional accreditation for the training hours of training programs.