About us


Melkar el Khoury is the director of the CENTRAL RESEARCH HOUSE and has a 10+ years of experience in human rights consulting with a focus on gender and diversity, and has provided expertise to local and international entities. He is a lecturer in Ethics and Code of Conduct at the Sagesse University in Beirut, and was a visiting lecturer at the faculty of Political Sciences at the Messina University-Italy; he also worked as a legal research affiliate at the Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) at Notre-Dame University (NDU).

Melkar has published several political and academic articles in addition to a publication on humanitarian law and civilians' rights in internal conflicts and a study on capital punishment. In addition to his membership in the Foundation for Human and Humanitarian Rights/Lebanon, he is a US State Department Alumni and a John Smith Memorial Trust Fellow.

Melkar holds an M.A. in Human Rights and Democratization from the University of Malta and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute/Lund University-Sweden, and a B.A in Lebanese law from the Lebanese University.