Jul 01, 2012 - Sep 30, 2012

Access to Information in Lebanon

Title: Survey Report on Access to Information in Lebanon
Date: Jul-2012 to Sep-2012
Location: Lebanon
Donor: World Bank
Budget: $13,700

The aim of the survey was to assess Lebanese people’s familiarity with the nexus between their rights as citizens and the information they hold to allow the exercise of those rights.

The survey was conducted in partnership with the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) and designed to map the impact of the absence of an Access To Information (ATI) law and regulations on three levels: the level of ordinary life, or in other words, the personal and family sphere; the level of professional and business activities; and on the sphere of good governance in the country, or in other words, on the level of the activity of elected officials themselves.

To provide a sense of the current state of affairs vis-à-vis information access, the survey generated information about the prevailing difficulties to access information from public bodies, and the methods used by people to acquire needed information.

More specifically, the general knowledge of the ATI draft law presented to parliament in 2009 in the population and among policymakers was probed.