Oct 07, 2021 - Oct 08, 2021

BPE European Maritime Forum 2021

BPE European Maritime Forum 2021, is an all-digital event of international format. It focuses on the wider theme of Blue Economy and of its capability to promote and create new market opportunities and economic development in Italy, in the Mediterranean Area, also reflecting on the greater global maritime economy that – all together – aims at winning a real blue perspective for the whole planet.

BPE 2021 will create a unique opportunity to promote business along with the exchange of views on maritime economy development among existing and new industrial and institutional players: trade associations, small and medium sized innovative companies, investors, research centers and institutions, all involved in the future of Blue Economy.

Many and variegated are the target sectors of the event, all with great potential attraction to the Blue Economy as: fisheries and farming, tourism, transportation, logistics and energy, all crossed by the common connection path that must lead to sustainability and circularity…. more