On the occasion of the completion of the MasterPeace ‘Living Together’ Program, the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) and MasterPeace Club Lebanon held the closing ceremony in the presence of Aart Bos, the CEO of MasterPeace Global.

The event was inaugurated by LDN President Amin Nehme who stressed the importance of the partnership between LDN and MasterPeace. Nehme highlighted the significance of such programs in the development of the various competences of the participants on both personal and professional levels.

In turn, Bos delivered an inspiring speech which included the ‘Theory U’ pertaining to ‘open mind, open heart and open will.’ The intervention involved a series of relating visionary, optimistic and uplifting stories. Bos congratulated the participants for their dedication and commitment all over the program.

The ceremony was attended by Marcella Bos, MasterPeace Lebanon Club leader Antoinette Moubarak, Club’s Coordinator Rita Nassif, project’s assistants Zeina Dimassi and Michelle Ghanimeh, the trainers Raya Boustany, Maya Barghout, Jonathan Choufany and Marie-Christine Tayah as well the trainees.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates and attestations followed by a reception.

The 'Living Together' Capacity Building Program is organized by MasterPeace Club Lebanon which is entrusted by the Lebanese Development Network (LDN). It constitutes a distinctive space to enhance Peace-Building, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution.

The Program is dedicated to provide Lebanese target groups with a series of interpersonal skills and behavioral techniques.