In the framework of the International Day of the Mediterranean, the ALF organizes on  November 30, 2021 the official bestowing Ceremony of the EuroMed Capital for Dialogue Award 2021.

The event takes place on the side of the UFM Regional Forum.

The EuroMed Capital for Dialogue Award is an initiative of the Anna Lindh Foundation as the first institution created for the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The Award is conceived as an international recognition for cities that have implemented or initiated intercultural policies and actions and have a vision to enhance cultural diversity, intercultural relations and EuroMed collaborations with the collaboration of different stakeholders.

It aims to acknowledge multicultural cities and cities which have a vision, which implement intercultural policies and support intercultural initiatives and EuroMed social and cultural collaborations.

The awarded Capital would also be a reference to inspire dialogue work at the local and regional level in the Euro-Mediterranean region.