About us


MEDITER Women for Change is a biennal project funded by the EuropeAid Cooperation Office, which manages the external cooperation programs of the EU.

The overall objective of the project MEDITER - Women for Change aims to strengthen women's leadership within Local Authorities and NGOs and, through them, to provide an appropriate response to risks of economic, political and cultural marginalism in the Mediterranean region, one of the strategic areas of European gravity.

Indirectly, the project aims to reduce the risk of crises (economic, political and social) in the Mediterranean, through the strengthening of women's representation in the areas of administrative hierarchy and decision-making positions within the Authorities and local NGOs.

To achieve these objectives, the project aims in particular to complete the following two specific objectives:
1. To increase the preparation level and access of women in decision-making positions by developing an ongoing program of higher education for women-manager in Local Authorities and NGOs.
2. To encourage permanent exchange between women-manager of public and nonprofit sectors on subjects of common interest, through the creation of a thematic network dedicated to the development of cultural policies.

Under the second goal, in January 2011, the network MEDITER - Euro-Mediterranean Network for cooperation has been created.