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Mitsa Yaghi is an agricultural engineer - landscape engineer - and humanitarian worker with over five years of experience in assisting teams deliver material and technical support to various community segments including refugees.

She studied at the Lebanese University (LU) and successfully completed her master's degree in Landscape Engineering; her thesis is entitled: "In which way the requalification of the industrial zone oriented around the greenery is desirable."

Mitsa served as project coordinator in a group of local and international NGOs such as AVSI, IECD and Caritas. She is as well a trainer and coach on topics related to English Language, Communication and Organizational Strategy where she provided her professional services to a wide range of governmental authorities, civil society organizations, educational institutions, activists and tutors.

She is holder of numerous certifications such as Training in Agriculture Census from FAO; Reviewing and Discussing the term 1/179 about thyme and sage from the Ministry of Agriculture; Battery of Developmental Assessment: Capacity Measures, Mental Health and Academic Achievement for students between four and fourteen years old from Altaaheel organization; AUTOCAD 3D from the American Center; and Marketing and Sales from Home of Agriculture.

Yaghi joined the Lebanese Development Network as Junior Project Manager for their EU-funded project MYSEA.