The TOP – Transnational Orienta Express Platform project starts from the success of a digitized guidance tool designed and implemented in Italy by OLTRE srl.

The general objective of the already existing "Orienta Express" online tool is to guide different target groups towards effective school choices and/or job opportunities, and stems from the idea that this journey towards one's own fulfilment starts with the knowledge of the particular characteristics of each individual, emerging from a self-assessment process.

To date the tool is only available at national level, in Italian language, and foresees three different strands of activity, corresponding to the same number of target profiles and exigencies with regard to the future potential perspectives in terms of training and/or job opportunities:
a) Orienta Teenager supports the transition of children from middle school to high school;
b) Orienta Young supports the transition of boys/girls from high school to university, higher education/technical institutes, specialization courses, or the world of work;
c) Orienta Job Seeker to support of the delicate passage of each person who is faced with entering the job market after a training course or of those who want to change their professional career.

The TOP project seeks to develop and transfer the tool, focusing on the target group (b), and adapting its methodology to different national education and training systems in Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, Ireland and Lebanon.

- OLTRE SRL, Italy
- European Career Evolution, Ireland
- Association on Refugees and Migrants, Bulgaria
- Lebanese Development Network (LDN), Lebanon
- National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Province of Pescara (CAN), Italy

Duration: March 1, 2021 – February 28, 2023

Budget: 147.450 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+

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