The Lebanese Development Network (LDN) concluded the ‘Living Together’ Capacity Building Program with the last two workshops on ‘The Verbal Martial Arts and Impro Theater.’

The sessions were held over two weekends and presented jointly by the trainers Raya Boustany jointly and Marie-Christine Tayah aiming at developing the participants’ conflict resolution skills.

The seminars focused mainly on how to enable the attendants remain in sync with their internal strength and natural instincts through verbal martial arts. They emphasized as well how to internalize a ground core (center), bypass resistance, blending, redirecting and extending. These elements of verbal martial arts, also known as Ikido, allow for conflicts to be seen as opportunities. 

The Impro Theater exercises were meant to stress the significant components of active listening and non-violent debates. Mediation was also part of the curricula, where participants assimilated tools of conflict-resolution which pertain to Underlying Interest.

The 'Living Together' Capacity Building Program is organized by MasterPeace Club Lebanon which is entrusted by the Lebanese Development Network (LDN). It constitutes a distinctive space to enhance Peace-Building, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution.

The Program is dedicated to provide Lebanese target groups with a series of interpersonal skills and behavioral techniques.