The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) is now accepting fellowship applications for 2021-2022 to bring together people working in areas related to democracy and development from across a broad range of disciplines.

CDD expects that residential fellows will work on a project relevant to CDD’s thematic areas; be open to collaboration with CDD staff, including holding training sessions for staff on new conceptual frameworks and methodologies; and present within and outside CDD on their projects. Residential fellows are expected to be physically present on the CDD premises for the entire duration of the fellowship.

They welcome projects around core thematic areas of democratic governance and people-centred development in West Africa.
They interpret these areas broadly; apply even if you feel your project idea does not directly address these themes. This fellowship round, they are especially interested in scholars with expertise and experience in the intersection of politics and technology (for example, how increased digitization in African countries will affect state-society relations). They are also keen on projects that look at the political economy of health crises (for example, how government allocation of health aid can affect voting outcomes)… more

Deadline: Ongoing