"Transforming the Private Sector Engagement Through SDGs"

BUSINESSMED is joining forces to reactivate the regional economy and rethink the model for growth and sustainability in the Mediterranean region in the post COVID19 recovery era.

As part of its call to action’s webinar series on Building back resilience implemented in the framework of EBSOMED project, a first one will be held on October 22nd, 2020.

The webinar "CONNECTING BUSINESS INITIATIVES RESPONSE TO COVID19: TRANSFORMING THE PRIVATE SECTOR ENGAGEMENT THROUGH SDGS" will be an opportunity to explore how COVID-19 has disrupted businesses across the Mediterranean and the unfamiliar challenges that have come with it with a focus on the private sector’s response to crisis in a way that aligns with the SDGs.

• Open-up the discussion with Employers and Private sector representatives on the challenges they are facing due to the COVID-19 crisis.
• Share key actions put in place by the private sector in response to COVID-19 in a way to connect their innovative initiatives in order to cope with the actual challenges.    
• Bring to the fore how central the SDGs are for building organisational resilience against crisis. 

Next Webinars:
Webinar 2/4: Correcting labour market imbalances and promoting employment and employability through social dialogue between employers’ and trade union organisations

Webinar 3/4: The upskilling imperative: vocational training and the new offer of BSOs’ services

Webinar 4/4: The sanitarian crisis as an accelerator of the digitalisation path of the Mediterranean business ecosystem

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