A World in Crisis - Human Stories in the Covid19 Era

A few weeks ago we invited you to share with us how Covid-19 has impacted your country, your life, your community, your way of thinking, or someone you know.

Thank you for making us part of your life during such a period of uncertainty and frustration.

Today we are delighted to announce the Winning Photos & Stories!

Winning CoVid19 Photos

No 1: "Life and Death amidst Lockdown" by Charles Crawford – UK
My story describes the death of my mother at a nursing home during lockdown.
The human spirit manifests in so many different ways.The reading of the last rites by Reverend Caroline shows us that even during a major health crisis, life is not about procedures and rules and ‘distance’.
Life is about good intentions and caring and love. They are never masked.

No 2: Listening to Corona News Updates. Staying safe together
by Ponelo Kalonga – MALAWI
"As rumors were going around disputing that we had the first corona case in Malawi, and being fully aware that outbreaks start and are stopped at the community level, I quickly introduced a family radio listening session to my siblings inorder to stay updated about the spread of the pandemic in our country"

No 3: "Alice's Shoes" by Uladzimir Slizhyk - BELARUS
One day in this COVID time I went out for shopping. My path was taken through the city’s hills and abandoned post-soviet buildings. And at once I encountered the shoes on the ground. There were no people around me, just the wind was blowing and the sun was shining above. And I took a picture, a picture of ‘strangers’. Who could it be the one who’d left the shoes there? Is he/she alive? And I wondered do we really know the people well, who live close to us, who we meet in the streets every day? I called them ‘Alice’s shoes’. I don’t know why… and left them there, waiting for another stranger…

Winning CoVid19 Stories

No 1 “The Most Beautiful Chapter of the Story” by Dr Asmahan Altaher
I don’t know why when we get older we like to talk about memories from our past, maybe because we lost some of the passion and the drive for the present so we tend to revel in the impulsion of our youth and the shining sparks of our victorious achievements… more

No 2 “Corona: The Virus that Made Us Strangers in Our Home” by Anas Harris
My story talks about the first day I go out after eighty days of the quarantine imposed on us because of the Coronavirus pandemic... more

No 3 “Impact of Covid19 in Kibera Slum” by Victor Odhiambo
My story mainly focus on the impact of Covid19 in Kibera slum, the second largest urban slum in sub-sahara Africa. I mainly focus on two women who have children with disability. What happens when they are told they cannot report to work?... more