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You Blossom

Contact Person: Riwa Shatila
Address: Beirut, Hamra, Saadine Shatila Bldg, 6th Flr
P.O. Box: NA
Telephone: NA
Mobile: 961-3-709388
Fax: NA
Website: www.youblossom.org
You Blossom is a services office specialized in delivering Personal and Professional Coaching services for companies, organizations, NGOs, and individuals. The main objective of You Blossom is to coach what the stakeholder needs in the most beneficial, efficient, reliable, and transparent way possible on the personal and professional levels. At You Blossom, we assist you in solving your problems, reaching your goals, designing action plans, and creating the desired results. At You Blossom, our coaching services are divided into two main categories: • Professional Category. • Personal Category. • Professional Category - which includes services related to: 1- Managing Projects according to PMP standards: Our office coaches your project from the initiation phase to the closing phase. Throughout this service, we will supply you with all the strategic planning and implementation processes needed to conduct the project. From setting the plan to submitting the deliverable needed, our office will help you in balancing the competing projects constraints including but not limited to: Scope, Quality, Schedule, Budget, Resources, and last but not least Risks. Our stake holders can refer to our office if they need to develop a strategic plan for their project, or if they want us to help them implement an already-set-strategic plan, or to coach their whole project from A to Z. 2- Designing Programs and Projects: You Blossom helps you to transfer your idea into reality by designing a program or a project based on scientific and realistic studies. From initiating the program or project to fulfilling all the objectives, You Blossom coaches you throughout the whole process. 3- Monitoring Funds (For Granting/Funding Organizations and Foundations Only): You Blossom help granting/funding organizations or foundations in monitoring where their grants/funds are being projected, and if the organization they are helping is fulfilling the objectives of the project as agreed or not. This service helps the granting/funding organization or foundation from fraud and deception, in a legal and well documented procedures designed and customized by You Blossom for each organization or foundation. 4- Trainings and Workshops: Our office designs workshops and trainings manuals customized according to what our stakeholders need. The need will be assessed and elaborated in a well developed, practical, and customized training manual that will be delivered afterwards to the company/organization/NGO in the form of a full training or workshop. 5- Research: Our office helps you conduct theoretic and field research; this research is conducted according to a systematic and scientific methodology in order to achieve specific and realistic results. 6- Executive & Personnel Coaching: Our office designs customized orientation and mentoring programs for our stakeholders and their employees. This is to provide them with useful information and assistance? In an effective and timely manner to enable them to become more effective, productive, and relaxed at their work. These programs are built upon the detailed input we collect from our stakeholder about his/her company, and then seek to involve all employees in addressing their concerns in order to improve their welfare and working conditions. Accordingly these programs are designed to suit what the company and the employee need to build a successful and strong relationship. • Personal Category – Life Coaching: Most of people are stuck with work and obligations while forgetting that their main and first obligation is towards themselves. Happiness and satisfaction are the main goal for all people, yet many of us don’t know how to pursuit that; and this is where Life Coaching lies. You Blossom provides you with the coaching needed to pursuit happiness and self -satisfaction throughout one-on-one sessions with the client, during which problems will be assessed and significant goals will be attained to reach the desired result. This type of coaching usually involves working in a partnership between the coach and client to provide structure, guidance, and support to: 1. Take a complete look at the client’s current state, including their assumptions and perceptions about themselves, others, and their work. 2. Set relevant and realistic goals based on the client’s own nature and needs. 3. Take relevant and realistic actions toward reaching these goals. 4. Learn by continuing to reflect on their actions along the way. Life Coaching is NOT a therapeutic practice; it is a social empowerment practice during which the client will gain tools and skills that will help him/her in perceiving the life they ought to have. Accordingly, You Blossom provides all kinds of services needed by the client to achieve his/her goals; from coaching to have a better look, a better career, an active social life, etc…. to coaching to have a better life, or even simply to have somebody to listen to you and share with you your feelings. You Blossom works with their clients to fulfill what they exactly need.