The final session of the 8th Youth Leadership Program was held at the Palm Beach hotel. It focused on Leadership values; a core module facilitated by Mr. Amin Nehme, Founder & President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN).

Mr. Nehme was instrumental in the inception of our education initiative which aims at improving the performance of future political leaders.

The session was interactive and included PowerPoint presentations and case studies.

10 weekly sessions covering various modules related to State values, governance, political activism, and economic matters were held in 2021.

The 8th Youth Leadership Program was initially joined by 24 members of 11 political groups, under the following motto: Politics is an expression of values. Not power.

Under its unbroken motto ''Politics is an expression of values. Not power'', this program held for eight consecutive years, is attended by delegates from nine political groups.

The Lebanon Renaissance Foundation, Inc. ("the Foundation") is an independent, non-governmental and non-sectarian educational organization registered in the US and operating from Lebanon whose founders were involved through their own professional activities in advancing the practice of non-violence and democratic activism.

The Foundation strongly believes that the private sector and the Diaspora are uniquely positioned to assist in Lebanon's national rebuilding process favoring emergence of State.

(Lebanon Renaissance Foundation)