JOIST Innovation Park will open its doors in a few months in Larissa, in central Greece, introducing a phygital model which brings together the physical with the digital, the academia with the small and medium enterprises, and wide audiences with a rich programme of events. While JOIST has been built upon the Digital Innovation Hub model, it moves one step ahead and aims at introducing a new business model that has a clear focus on digital transformation but is self-sustained and inclusive towards diverse age groups and communities.

JOIST will enhance knowledge distribution, boost entrepreneurial spirit, establish collaborative networks, and offer inclusive working practices in four clusters, comprising of eHealth, Educational Technology, AgroTech, and eTourism. This four-cluster scheme will function as the port of call for academic institutions, SMEs, business-minded individuals, innovation enthusiasts, startuppers, and anyone interested in developing, testing, and learning new things. Under its roof, its members can share knowledge and skills and form an ecosystem of partners. In each cluster and by combining all four of them, JOIST will cultivate an agglomeration where businesses, associated institutions, and stakeholders will be interconnected, to increase their innovation and productivity levels, making them expand as strong competitors on a national and global level.

JOIST Innovation Park is the most recent venture of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development - iED, and it will form the largest Innovation Park in Southeast Europe. To achieve this goal, JOIST is designed to house a broad mix of companies and offer places to learn, network, co-work, play, exhibit, fund and grow, within an industrial space of 1800 sqm planning to welcome 65.000 visitors, train 9.000 pupils and host 6.000 participants in events and exhibitions…  more