The Lebanese Development Network (LDN) held over two weekends the second round of workshops of the MasterPeace ‘Living Together’ Capacity Building Program.

The Emotional Intelligence (EI) sessions were presented by the trainer Maia Barghout under the motto ‘Shift to Disrupt.’

During the seminars, the participants learned how to recognize and assimilate emotions, and to change thinking and thoughts in order to be more in touch with their emotions.

The trainer focused mainly on the integrated concept throughout the teaching forms of art such as paintings of emotions, songs and music where the meeting was inaugurated by a musical scene played on the violin by intern Alec Donerian.

'Living Together' Capacity Building Program is organized by MasterPeace Club Lebanon which is entrusted by the Lebanese Development Network (LDN). It constitutes a distinctive space to enhance Peace-Building, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution.

The Program is dedicated to provide Lebanese target groups with a series of interpersonal skills and behavioral techniques.